Revolutionary Eco-Box Turns Your Breath Into Fuel

Breath Into Fuel

A ground-breaking system is now being tested at Liverpool John Lennon Airport, UK
that recycles passengers’ breath into biofuel. Developed by Origo Industries,
the Eco-Box captures CO2 from the air exhaled by travelers and turns it into fuel.
It does so through a photo-bioreactor which acts as a feedstock for algae;
the biomass produced is then refined and converted to fuel.

Aiming at collecting 24,000 gallons of fuel during this pilot stage,
the airport will be using the energy for its diesel vehicles and heating system.
Upon successful completion, the next stage aims to notably raise the production
target to 289,000 gallons, which effectively translates into a daily 800 gallons
of biofuel.

So think about it: up until now, we have been drilling miles into the desert or
diving leagues under the sea for petrol, we have been trying to harness any kind
of energy be it solar, wind or hydrodynamic, we have even split the atom putting
our heads on the line; yet possibly all we need have done is… breathe!
"The project at the airport is an early trial of a system which we believe could
have a significant impact on the way companies today can obtain fuel and manage
carbon emissions," said Iain Houston, Origo's CEO and founder.



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