Wild neon-green Mushrooms

mushroom green glow

mushroom glow in dark

mushroom glow

mushroom glow

mushroom glow dark

The neon green mushrooms, or Mycena chlorophos, emerge during the rainy season in
Brazilian and Japanese forests, scattering the floor with glowing spores.
Found on Mesameyama island in Japan and Ribeira Valley State Park, Brazil, the
appearance of these green glowing fungi is due to bioluminescence, one of the weird
reactions that happen naturally in many plants and animals.
Bioluminescence occurs when the natural chemical energy produced within an organism
is converted to light energy. The result is a natural fluorescent light.

It can be seen in the late summer months. These rare mushrooms only thrive where they
are because they’ve been relatively undisturbed by humans. Just in case, you can’t get
high on them!

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